About Del Vigo Custom guitars:

At the age of 21, Santiago Del Vigo together with his father Ángel Del Vigo, 63 (a carpenter since he was 15), south of the city of Buenos Aires, specifically in the town of Burzaco, Argentina, began the path of making instruments completely handmade and self-taught in 2009.
With very few resources but with a lot of enthusiasm and handling of tools on the part of Ángel, and at the same time, Santiago, a guitarist since birth, they begin to develop in luthiery, and within the trade, specifically in electric guitars and basses.

Completely new to the field, they begin to achieve the first satisfactory results thanks to the opinions and advice of their musician friends, seeking to improve at every step.
Currently and with the experience gained over the years, DEL VIGO CUSTOM GUITARS manages to make available to the interested party a musical instrument manufactured entirely in their work space, to measure, and under the specifications of the musician, providing a high standard of quality, from the selection of precious woods from its permanent stock, fittings and every detail that makes up a product of competitive quality worldwide.


Every time we undertake the construction of an instrument, in addition to capitalizing on years of experience, together with current technology, we are putting part of our personality into it, which will be reflected when the client receives what we made for him with such passion.


More than a team, a family!
Del Vigo Custom Guitars has its workshop located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
A work space where Ángel and Santiago, together with their assistants, manage to produce around 20 guitars per year. Many of the processes are carried out by hand, others, with the help of CNC technology.


In these videos you will be able to appreciate some of the moments of the manufacturing process of our Custom instruments. We invite you to watch them!


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